Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs

Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs

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There are plenteous reasons that can be held responsible for the aggressive behaviour in dogs. The triggering factor can be either the dominancy exhibited by the dog owner over his dog or an unsolved issue that was never paid heed to from the earliest years of the dog. No matter what’s the reason that lies behind the aggressiveness of your dog, it has to be taken care of as early as possible as prolonged presence of aggressiveness in a dog can give way to hazardous situations.

What leads to Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs?

An aggressive behaviour in dogs can possibly bid off as early as at 6 weeks of age as this this the time when the puppy requires maximum training protocols and socialization. The most important thing that is supposed to be remembered during the early years of dog is that they shouldn’t be kept away from their litter until they have reached 8 weeks of age. It is important to be gentle with them during this age as acts like yelling, striking a blow and brutal punishments can give way to aggressive behaviour in dogs.

Heredity and genetics are some of the other factors too in addition to the ones mentioned above that can be responsible for inducing an aggressive behaviour in a dog. For instance, some breeds of dogs are shorter tempered than the other ones. The most prominent factor that has been considered for the inducing aggressive in most of the dogs is unsafe environment. A dog that has been deprived of standard living conditions, socialization, and appropriate treatment from his owner’s end is more prone to becoming aggressive over a period of time.

Biting, and behaving in a conceited manner are some of the prominent signs of a dog’s tendency to dominate. It is important for the dog owner to establish a caring and gentle dominance over the dog right from his childhood so that the dog can never take vantage of the situation and become dominant over his master.

How to control the Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs?

An aggressive behaviour that can be prominently noticed in dog even after he has reached an age of 14 months which coincides with the time of his puberty is supposed to be taken care of in an immediate manner. Pattern some signalling commands that are readily understood by your dog and a schedule for your dog that is supposed to be rigorously followed every day. an absence of the aforementioned attributes in a dog’s routine can give way to an aggressive behaviour in dog that is dangerous not only for the dog owner but also for all the other people at home.

Dogs that haven’t much of a social being in their childhood should be ideally kept away from kids and should be put on a regular training regimen under the guidance of a behaviourist. A dog’s aggression can even culminate into a violent act which in a way accentuates the need of hiring a professional by the dog owner as soon as possible.

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