Best Hunting Dog Breeds

Best Hunting Dog Breeds

Dogs are considered to be man's best friend. Dogs are very loyal to its masters. Dogs are of different species with different specialty. Some are dogs are kept indoor, some like living outdoors and some are even used for hunting. Let me discuss some of the best hunting dog breeds. Ten of the best hunting dog breeds are as follows-

  1. American bulldog– The American bulldog is very muscular, sturdy dog with powerful head and jaws. It is very brave and determined. It requires daily exercise and is very obedient to its masters. American bulldog goes well with children's and is always alert and self confident.
  2. Rat terrier– It is a happy dog with medium size head. It is very gentle and loving to its masters with strong shoulders. Rat terrier is very courageous and a good fighter when provoked. It prefers warm climate with regular physical exercise.
  3. Pit bull terrier– Pit bull terrier is a dog of power, passion and undying willingness. The head is very strong with thickly muscled and well defined neck. Though very aggressive in nature, it is very loyal to its masters and goes well with children.
  4. Drever– Generally this dog is of large bone structure with powerful teeth's. It is highly protective of its master and his master's property.
  5. Pointer– The pointer is very powerful well muscled dog with a long neck. It is very loyal and devoted to its master and also adaptable in different conditions. This dog requires daily long walks and exercise to stay active and fit.
  6. Irish setter– Irish setter is strong hairy dog with a strong jaw and upper head muscles. The legs are long and strong and can be easily trained for hunting purposes. Irish setter prefers living in yard and do not like living indoors.
  7. Carolina dog– Carolina dog is very similar in appearance with the dingo. It is a bit short in size but has strong and well built body for hunting purposes. It also goes very well his master and can mix with small children. They are found in different colors and need to be socialized at an early age.
  8. Bloodhound– Bloodhound is built for the kill. It has very muscular body with strong head and jaws. Bloodhound is an excellent tracker and it is used for tracking the criminals in several countries.
  9. Beagle– Beagle is a small dog with strong jaws as compared to its size. They are very patient and alert when it comes to protecting its masters. They are very loyal and require regular exercise to remain fit and active.
  10. Otter hound– Lastly, otter hound is another dog which is used for hunting purposes. The appearance of the dog looks like that it has been prepared only for hunting. Apart from hunting they are also very loyal to its masters and can easily mix with children.

These are the names of the ten best hunting dog breeds which can be used for hunting purposes.

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