Best Lap Dogs

Best Lap Dogs

Small dogs are commonly known as lap dog because they are fond of sitting on your lap. These kinds of dogs are very affectionate dogs and they like cuddling and making you feel special as they sit on your lap. Lap dogs wants being around by their master and the people who love them. Almost all kinds of these dogs will not leave you and will follow you wherever you go. If you choose to have this kind of dog, you have to get ready to love them back in return. Do not purchase this kind of dog, if you do not have the time to care for them.

Most of lap dogs have very high energy level. Because of their energy, you have to think of several activities that you can do together such as strolling at the park or other fun activity that you can do together. They have to use up this energy, instead of barking and chewing things around your house just to use the excess energy that they have. There are breads of lap dogs that love digging. These behaviors can be irritating, if you will not do anything to tire your dog.

Lap dogs wants your attention, it is important not to ignore their presence. You cannot just leave this kind of dog for a longer period of time. It is because this breed of lap dogs can engage in destructive behaviors as mentioned earlier. If your dog likes chewing, ignoring them will lead to chewing anything around your house. It is better to always pay attention to your dog.

One of the best things about lap dogs is that they are very easy to train, because they are the fastest learner among all breed of dogs. However, these breed of lap dogs can be very stubborn at some time. You may experience hardship when teaching these kinds of dogs, because of their stubborn behavior. As a dog owner, you have to have the right attitude to be able to gain success in training them such as patience and consistency when it comes to training. Having the right amount of time and effort, they will eventually learn what you teach. 
There are some breeds of lap dogs that are fun of chasing other kinds of small dogs. Their playfulness makes them hard to handle sometimes. Chasing other small dogs is fun for them. Because of these behaviors, it is imperative to leash them every time you and your lap dog are put of your house. Leashing your dog can prevent them from chasing for other small dogs.

Providing them with fun toys are not effective, because some of them are fun of playing with their masters instead of playing with their toys. Even if you are lavishing them with toys, it is imperative to always find time for your lap dogs. Make sure to have lots of fun activities together with your dog. Lap dogs can take away your stress after work that is why it is nice to have lap dog as a pet.

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