Bulging or Swelling Eyes in a Dog Can Lead to Vision Loss

Bulging or Swelling Eyes in a Dog Can Lead to Vision Loss

A dog is often vulnerable to a lot of the same medical conditions we are so we have to be vigilant about the physical condition of our dog at all times. A dog relies on the eyes and the nose for a lot of their interactions, so these areas are always susceptible to injury and disease. The eyes of a dog are very important and they should be looked at regularly to make sure they look healthy and work properly. If you notice any signs of swelling or bulging of the eye(s) in your dog, then you should take the dog to the veterinarian immediately. A lot of the time causes of swelling or bulging to the eye(s) in a dog are caused by something minor that can be treated with medications. If you do not take the dog to the veterinarian to get the problem looked at then your dog might become permanently blind or suffer life-threatening medical emergencies. There are a few different causes for bulging or swollen eye(s) in a dog but here are some of the most common.

Trauma is one cause of bulging or swollen eyes and could be life-threatening to your dog. Trauma would most likely occur to the face of the dog or a hemorrhage of tissues near the eye itself. The trauma to the eyes could cause the swelling and can lead to life-long vision problems in your dog if proper medical attention is not given.

Tumors might also be the reason why your dog has swollen or bulging eyes and this can either be minor or very serious. A tumor could be in the eye itself or in the surrounding areas of the eye which would cause inflammation and soreness. A tumor in the eye of a dog would make the eye appear swollen and somewhat dislocated from the normal position.

Glaucoma and other diseases might also cause the swelling or bulging of the eye in your dog and it can be inherited from the parent to the puppy. Some medical conditions are also congenital which means the condition was present at the birth of the dog but it can still lead to serious vision problems. Most of the time diseases of the eye such as glaucoma can be treated with medications if your dog is taken to the veterinarian as soon as the problem becomes apparent.

Infectious diseases are another cause of swelling or bulging of the eye in a dog and can be usually treated with medications. Bacterial infections are a main contributor to eye swelling or bulging in a dog which is caused by inflammation of the orbital area. A lot of times infectious diseases are treated by a veterinarian with antibiotic ointment or eye drops that get put near the infection or into the eye itself. You should always follow the directions on the medication to make sure you are giving the proper amount of medication to your dog.

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