Cat Girl Vs. Dog Woman

Cat Girl Vs. Dog Woman

I've always been a sworn cat person. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs as well. But growing up, out of our family's assortment of animals, cats were always my particular pets, while our dogs always preferred my parents. I took this as a sign… I was meant to be a cat person.

But people usually divide themselves clearly into two camps. No, not men and women…cat people versus dog people. Cat people are shy, aloof, retiring, intelligent. And they'd much rather sit home alone with a book than go out to a party. Dog people on the other hand, are gregarious, and more in your face. Maybe even kind of slobbery. You definitely won't find them home alone. They like to be the center of attention.

I've pretty much always had a cat in my life. I longed for a dog of my own, but it was only recently that circumstances permitted me to get one. And I kind of figured, I would still prefer my cats to any dog.

My dog, Abby is a rescue from a shelter. My husband and I decided when it was finally time for us to get our own dog, that it was very important that we rescue a dog that needed a good home. We weren't too particular. Mostly we wanted a good natured dog that would get along with our cats.

After traipsing through four or five different shelters in one day, we'd almost given up hope because it seemed almost impossible to find a dog that didn't consider cats to be an easy lunch.

At our very last shelter of the day, we found Abby almost by accident. She was sitting quietly behind another dog, and I almost walked right past her. There was nothing seemingly special about her, but it soon became clear she was a staff favorite because of her sweet disposition.

We took her home a few days later, and the next few months were a roller coaster. It became obvious our poor girl had problems. She had severe separation anxiety, causing her to destroy things when we'd leave the house. We also think she'd been abused at some point, because she ran from things like brooms, and vacuums, and she has a fear of men.

Things were so bad at one point, I was afraid we wouldn't be able to keep her.

It took months, but slowly, Abby got over her fears. She stopped destroying property and eventually relaxed in our home. Her true personality, long hidden, began to show through.

She's a great dog. She has an extremely loving and loyal personality. She's fun and silly and goofy. She makes me laugh on a daily basis. I'm very grateful we gave her the home she needed.

So…I still love my cats. But I have to say my silly, goofy, messed-up mutt of a dog has converted me into being a silly, goofy dog person.

Excuse me, I have to go wipe up some drool now.

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