Celebrities Who Help Rescue Dogs

Celebrities Who Help Rescue Dogs

It is always encouraging to read about celebrities giving back to others less fortunate than themselves. Here are several celebrities who help rescue dogs, in addition to their other charitable works.

Celebrities Who Help Rescue Dogs – Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl, who plays the role of Dr Izzy Stevens on the television show Grey's Anatomy, formed a foundation to help support rescue dogs and other animals. Her foundation, named the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, after her late brother, recently flew twenty-five Chihuahuas from the over-crowded Kinder Rescue in California to the Humane Society of Greater Nashua of New Hampshire. Since small rescue dogs, especially Chihuahuas, are in short supply in the northeast, the dogs were quickly adopted by families in the local area.

Celebrities Who Help Rescue Dogs – Ke$ha

Pop singer, Ke$ha, best known for her hit Tik Tok, heard about the large number of abandoned pets in shelters in flood stricken Tennessee, her home state. She personally delivered a thousand pounds of pet food to the Nashville Metro Animal Shelter. Ke$ha also has five rescue dogs of her own.

Celebrities Who Help Rescue Dogs – Paige Miles

American Idol castoff, Paige Miles, helps Petco and Petsmart stores on their adoptions days in her hometown of Houston. She also fosters dogs, taking in rescue dogs when local shelters are filled to capacity until permanent homes can be found for them. Paige also has two rescue dogs of her own.

Celebrities Who Help Rescue Dogs – Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters

Broadway Barks is an annual event in July, beginning in 1999, initiated by Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters. This fund-raising event raises money for various animal shelters in the New York City area, and also assists in finding homes for the many rescue dogs in the city. Other celebrities that have been involved in Broadway Barks events are Eartha Kitt, Edie Falco, Patrick Stewart, Tom Wopat, Rhea Perlman and Ben Vereen.

Celebrities Who Help Rescue Dogs – Mya

Singer Mya, who has four rescue dogs, promoted and attended the North Shore Animal League's Tour for Life 2010 event in New York City. The tour, a fund raising event which encompasses 28 cities across the U.S., encourages families to adopt rescue dogs by informing them about puppy mills, spay and neuter options and general dog care information.

Celebrities Who Help Rescue Dogs – Carol Leifer

Comedienne Carol Leifer enjoys fund raising for several rescue dog groups including the North Shore Animal League. After appearing in several episodes of Celebrity Apprentice and being "fired", she persuaded Donald Trump to donate $10,000 to the North Shore Animal League. Carol also has six rescue dogs of her own.

But you do not have to be a celebrity to help rescue dogs. Anyone who loves dogs can help by volunteering at shelters and at fund raising events and even by fostering rescue dogs. Contact an animal shelter in your area for more information.

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