Choosing a Smart Dog: A Breed-by-Breed Analysis

Choosing a Smart Dog: A Breed-by-Breed Analysis

I often wonder how dogs derived from wolves. Some breeds of dog look nothing like wolves. Take the Chihuahua, for instance. On what planet do wolves look like that? Or the poodle. There are no dogs in a three-mile radius of my house who are even vaguely lupine looking.

Dogs seem so much brighter and more interactive than wolves. But all dogs are not created equal. On most lists of the smartest breeds of dog, the poodle is listed as number two. I have owned poodles for 13 years, and it's just not fair that I keep getting the dumb ones. Aside from the poodle, there are many dogs whose intelligence just makes them great companions and working canines.

Here's the top five smartest breeds of dog that you can think of owning.

1- Border Collie- I have known Border Collies that wouldn't let me in their yard unless I came in a herd. Then they insist you have to run to the left until it's time to run to the right again. And in between you better walk the line or they'll bump you to the back of the herd. How smart is that?

2- The Poodle- I don't know about this one. If a poodle is so smart, how come he gets second billing to the clowns in the circus? Poodles are used as circus performers because they naturally perform those tricks you see them do in the ring. They walk on their two back paws, jump like kangaroos and sail through hoops if there's a biscuit involved on the other side.

3- German Shepherd- Loyalty, rather than intelligence, is the most attractive trait of this breed, in my opinion. They are so regal looking with classic intelligent faces. They used to be referred to as "police dogs" and for good reason. They instinctively know how to protect and serve and you better not get in their way while they're doing it!

4- Golden Retriever- Dumb and happy is more like it. Or so it would seem. This is a very friendly dog and knows how to be gentle with small children and the elderly. This is why they are most often seen as service animals for the disabled and make great hunting dogs. However, most of them time the only hunting they have to do is for their food bowl.

5- The Doberman Pinscher- These dogs seem to be a favorite for police work. They were used as message dogs in war times. They learn quickly and are ferociously loyal to their humans but do NOT try to get over on a Dobie. You will not have fun retelling that story.

These are the smartest breeds on the planet according to almost every list of smart dogs I've ever seen. I supposed the truth is that all dogs are smart. They have made servants of mankind. We take care of their every need from feeding to carrying the poop bag. I guess that's why they say it's a dog's life.

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