Compost Dog Waste with a Dog Poo Wormery

Compost Dog Waste with a Dog Poo Wormery

The Dog Poo Wormery is an easy way to compost dog waste. A natural solution to that age old problem of where to put all that dog poop. After all Fido may be a well-loved member of the family but he leaves a lot to be desired in the bathroom etiquette stakes. Rather than bagging up all that waste why not put it to good use with a dog waste wormery?

Worms are happy to live on manure. In fact, it's all they get fed by commercial worm farmers. So, why not take advantage of this happy accident of nature and let the worms do all your cleaning up for you?

Composting dog waste in an ordinary garden composter is never highly recommended as it is difficult to ensure conditions are hot enough to eradicate all the pathogens it contains. Worms though digest the waste, pathogens and all, leaving behind completely safe worm castings full of nutrients to enrich your garden soil.

Setting Up a Dog Poo Wormery

Any wormery will do, and you could even make your own. But, one thing is critical, and it is the reason I recommend buying a dedicated Dog Loo Poo Wormery; no food scraps can be added to this worm farm. Bacteria in dog waste will breed too quickly in the presence of food scraps and so make it difficult for the worms to keep up with destroying them safely. In fact, mix up poop and could end up killing the worms altogether.

So, if composting dog waste via a wormery keep it as a dog waste disposal system only. Use another garden composter for all your other kitchen scraps and garden waste and leave the dog poo composter as a manure only meal for the worms.

To set up either a bought or made dog poo convertor is simple. Two trays on top of each other are needed. The top section should have drainage holes into the lower tray. In the top add your worms, then the dog poo. A little carbon rich 'brown' material such as shredded paper or ground cardboard is good to get things working quickly and provide a barrier to odours and insects. Once the worms have multiplied and settled in odour should be minimal anyway, but it doesn't hurt to give them a helping hand.

The worm castings can be removed as you often as you like and used to add body and nutrients to the soil in your yard. Remember also to remove the liquid which will drain into the lower tray, this is full of nutrients too.

That is all there is too it. Regular additions will keep the worms busy, and healthy and most importantly your dog will have a much reduced carbon footprint. Carry out the ultimate recycling system and compost dog waste with a dog poo wormery.

Visit the Garden Composter site for more information and cheap sources for the dog waste composter and the dog poo wormery.

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