Dog Breed- Harrier

Dog Breed- Harrier

The Dog breed harrier is a fantastic breed of dog that is rare in some areas and popular in other areas. This breed makes an excellent hunting companion. Let us see more about this fascinating breed,


The dog breed Harrier has one of the most conflicting stories about its origin. There are actually 3 background stories to it,

  1. A cross of bloodhounds, Talbot hound and the Basset Hound.
  2. A cross of English foxhound with Fox Terrier and Grey Hound.
  3. A normal bred down version of English foxhound.

In reality the Harrier of today was designed to be a hunting dog and its size is somewhere between the beagle and the English foxhound. The harrier is well known for its inexhaustible stamina that resulted in its nickname Beagle on steroids. Though this breed is quite rare in United States, this breed is a popular working dog in England.


Height: 19-21 inches (48-50 cm.)

Weight: 40-60 pounds (18-27 kg.)


10-12 Years


The Harrier looks quite similar to the English foxhound, but this breed is more compact and medium sized. They have loose and hanging ears. They have a short and hard coat with small hairs that exhibits quite a variety of color patterns. Its body is very muscular owing to its hunting origin. The harrier is a little long lengthwise compared to its height. Its bones are large owing to is high strength and stamina. It carries high its medium sized tail. It eyes are generally hazel or brown. The breed's feet are tight. The breed has a broad head with a square muzzle. Its teeth are very powerful and its wide nosed is black. The coat exhibits lemon and white, red and white, tan and white as the usual colors though any color is acceptable in this breed.


The dog breed Harrier has a classic temperament. Though this breed is a hunting breed, this breed is playful, outgoing, cheerful and tolerant that makes it a good pet even with children. In fact, this is one of the very few hunting dogs that can be kept with children safely. The breed is determined and watchful, so a patient training will be the best way to train this dog. This dog is also very friendly with other canines; this breed can be trained to be friendly with non-canines when trained from an early age.


The Dog breed- Harrier requires a good amount of exercise. A daily jogger could take this breed alongside as this makes an excellent jogging partner. If not possible, it must be taken on a long brisk walk. Without proper exercise, this dog might become aggressive, hyper active or over weight. It is always advised to keep the dog beside or at the side when you jog or walk so as to let it know, who leads the way.


This breed has little grooming needs thanks to its short coat of hair. An occasional brushing and combing of the coat to remove dead hairs would suffice.

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