Dog Time Prime Notes

Dog Time Prime Notes

Dog theft: Simple tips to stop your pet being pinched - BBC NewsConsider your “life with” versus “life without” a pet just plain is not the same. For those who do not have a pet to think about imagine your life without the sight of a wagging tale or adoring eyes, or that go-round attention 24 hours per day. For those without and have no pet to consider the long ticking silence, only the radio or television for in-house noise, and the many hours of nothing to do for family, children and company!

Then the answer to the hemming and hawing is you simply have to have a dog for a truly loyal friend, it’s really an easy decision to make. If you already have a loyal dog, it’s time for a dedication so to speak.
Think about games, the real ones, such as soccer, catch, somersaulting, hide-n-seek, baking in the kitchen (use canned food to shape titan cookies from bakery cookie cutters and bake at a low temperature), and an array of many mats for all kinds of sunning and romping. Try all kinds of textures for mats and pillows, sleek for sliding, woolly for warmth and puffy for lounging. Of course you wouldn’t want to forget chat time, one-to-one, chic-to-chic or man-to-man. And the sentences really should be complete because, oh yes, canines understand and remember with no finger shaking required, but instead owner to pet talk. It is very important to talk to your dog when he or she wants to listen because they do adore their owners. Take your dog for the long walk, and jogging is always an extra treat. Only the freshest water will do because their small stomachs will only digest the food made just for pets. Let your dog eat breakfast, lunch and dinner when you do because it will avoid a lot of jumping and appease his or her appetite and excitement over food smells.

Whatever the name of your dog is, pet connection times are the best will reap icebreaker conversations when you’re out and about in the community. The pet stores usually have fountains and sometimes sample treats, otherwise very inexpensive treats or cookies you can offer on location. Dogs really get a groove over the smells of animals of many kinds, the foods and activity that goes on in a pet center. Many short classes are available at places such as Petco, and for a change of pace try a pampered pet romp for an hour or two for less than $10 by a caring staff when you go to the library or dentist nearby.

President Roosevelt once said regarding his White House dog, “If you will like my dog, then I will like you.” For employed at home there will be a security dog and companion to keep you from getting distracted. You’ll be able to focus on your work and at the same time have some activity to keep your mind going. Then consider your life and work with a pet for the bright side of things.

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