Expanding Your Dog's Life

Expanding Your Dog's Life

People everyday go to the grocery store and buy there dogs there dogfood all the pedigree kibbles n bits all the off brand dog food, but what they dont know is that there actually making serious health problem's for there pets everyday your dog is getting worst no your dog could actually live to it's about 25-30 years old you dont believe me but take what im about to write you into consideration.

BARF Diet Many dogs are slowly being killed by cheap, inappropriate dog foods filled with chemicals, useless fillers, and animal byproducts that should be thrown in the trash. Do you know what your dog's food label means when it says chicken byproduct? You may think it means your dog is getting chicken meat from the food, but the label is actually referring to the parts of the chicken no one else wants, such as the head, legs, beak, etc.

In all honesty, I wouldn't feed my dog ninety percent of the commercial dog foods available. In fact, I admire those who have the time to cook meals for their pets each and every day so they don't have to feed them commercial dog food. Unfortunately, many of us don't have time for that. Thankfully, there are good commercial dog foods available that can provide your dog with all of the nutrients he or she needs without having to resort to the drastic BARF diet measures. You just have to find them.

Quitfeeding your dog human food and sweets, there are some wacky people who actually give there dog half the brownie they were eating QUIT they do not need human food nor sweets.

This is why so many dogs live only to 5-15 years is because of these commericial dog foods because the chemicals inside them attach to there organs heart live ect causing it to overwork it's self and just causing it to fail I have read where dogs lived up to much as 30 years old and still living No dogs are not human they wont live 70 -80 years but 30 years for a dog? thats most as some humans.

You see Dogs are like humans they need nutrients and Protein too you think that a cheap 10$ bag of Pedigree is good for them Yes….. you think that but im here to tell you it's not buy your Dogs the Barf Diet it's organic raw food yet some pets react diffrent to it and if so there are diffrent Dog foods without the Animal By products and the chemicals so buy that if you really love your dog you will do this for them.

I treat my two dogs just like there my kids and ever since ive been feeding them dog food without the chemicals and colored byproducts they have been healthier and my fat dog actually wants to run that back yard again so take it in consideration and do this and watch how your dog changes when eating this food.

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