Finding Remedies for Dogs with Flaky Skin Disorders

Finding Remedies for Dogs with Flaky Skin Disorders

Itchy flaky skin on your dog is an all too common problem with many pet owners. There are many reasons for the conditions of the skin that it makes it difficult to diagnose the actual causes. Not knowing the true cause makes it complicated to treat. Of course, if the condition goes untreated, it can lead to hair loss and the poor dog feeling so uncomfortable, scratching itself raw.

This is surely not what we want for our precious pet. It breaks our hearts to see them suffer, even more so when we do not know how to help them, as much as we want to. Some of the causes of the skin problems can be from allergies, parasites and some fungal infections such as ringworm and yeast infections. A visit to your vet would be necessary so they can take a sample of a skin graft to determine the actual cause.

Going through each possible cause '" first the allergy issue is one of the most common issues. Dogs can have some of the same types of allergies as humans such as contact allergies (touching something new to them that does not agree with them), or food allergies that do not agree with them. Sounds simple, doesn't it? The only way to pin point the actual cause involves trial and error type tests which is extensive, unless you really want to put your pet through an actual allergy test much like a human test. Know what you have changed recently and try to eliminate it, until finding the real cause (if it is possible). That is part of the treatment plus using something like Benadryl as advised by your Vet.

The other most common cause of itchy skin is due to parasites, and there are countless ones that can affect your pup. The most widespread is the ever-popular annoying flea that can get deep within the skin and hair follicles, unseen to the naked eye. Other parasites can be scabies, and different types of mites that may require special medications and/or medicated dips and shampoos.

The third but not least important problem with skin problems in your dog is due to some fungal infections. These can include the yeast infections and ringworm. The problem with these micro-organisms is that they can be spread to other animals and even humans if not treated immediately and carefully by your Vet.

Aside from the treatments aforesaid, the special dips, shampoos, and anti-histamines, some other trusted and true remedies can include but are not limited to some antibiotics, steroids, an anti-fungal medication or any of the combinations of healing management plans incorporated by your Vet. After all, we not only want to manage any of these problems spreading in our homes and families, we do love our pets and it indeed hurts us as well when we see them hurting. As a responsible pet owner, we do want our "best friend" to be happy and healthy.

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