Fixing Dog Urination Problems – Understanding the Cause

Fixing Dog Urination Problems – Understanding the Cause

Urinary Incontinence in Dogs: Causes and Treatment | PetMD

Having a dog with urination problems can be an extremely irritating issue. If you have a dog who seems to urinate constantly all over your house and your possessions then it is obvious that something needs to be done. Before you can fix your dog’s urination problems you need to understand the cause. As with most dog training, the way to solve a dog’s urination problem is through identifying the root cause and working to correct it.

The very first thing to look for, and one of the most common causes of excessive or undesirable dog urination, is a physical cause. This should be the first area that you look at when trying to understand the cause of your dog’s urination problems. The two most common physical causes of problem urination are old age and a bladder infection. Old age may cause urination problems in a dog for a variety of different reasons, if your dog is very old were you believe that he or she may have a bladder infection then you should consult your veterinarian for an assessment.

The next most common cause of problem dog urination is a simple potty training issue. If your dog is young, even though you may believe that he or she is potty trained, often times potty training and fades out if not properly reinforced for long enough period of time. To test this theory the first thing you should do is start letting your dog outside more frequently if this seems to solve the problem than the issue may be that while your dog is potty trained it is perhaps not trained to the point where it is willing to hold it if it really has to go and instead simply prefers the outside when given an option. If this is the case then it is time to return to square one and work on dog potty training basics all over again.

The third most common cause of dog urination problems is a psychological one. Although more common in cats, dogs also are known to urinate as a way of acting out to something that they do not like. Common causes of this type of psychological behavior include a new pet in the family, moving to a new house, a new person staying at your house or any other stressful factor to a familiar environment. If you suspect this is the cause you may have to endure the urination for a period of time until things work themselves out, you can focus on more aggressive potty training through positive reinforcement and negative punishment, or you can try to change whatever environmental factory you believe to be the root cause of your dogs behavioral urination problem.

Hopefully one of these common causes of excessive and undesirable dog urination will fit your dog. Take the necessary action and help to cure your dog’s urination problem, it does not need to be an issue in the best solution is correctional action based on the root cause.

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