How to Be a Tactful Dog Owner

How to Be a Tactful Dog Owner

Owning a dog has become a fad nowadays. The idea doesn't only involve feeding, housing, and supporting; it now entails exquisite wardrobe planning, over-the-top bonding, and ultimate self engaging. This gives some societal critics the idea of animal care going mad. Peculiar as it may sound; outrageous dog caring has become a reality. But even though the fad is becoming acceptable, you still need to put a fine line between your humane manners and animal welfare advocates. You could be a good care-giver without disturbing your neighbors. Here are some tips:

  1. Seeing dog trash is always something that turns-off people. While this is inevitable, you still need to do something to make it a little less embarrassing. Wherever you go, carry a poop bag with you; this is especially applicable if you are walking your dog to the neighborhood. You don't want knowing glances and endless gossip backfire against you. Stop your self from having a filthy reputation in the community; stay clean. Also, give your yard frequent clean-ups so it stays pristine all the time.
  2. Though you have this indescribable attachment to dogs, some people innately dislike them. They have this fear of getting bitten, being in contact with a furry creature or having themselves smelled by four legged, non-human living thing. If you have a passionate liking to animals, understand that some people have a very strong disgust for them too. People are diverse, deal with it. Don't get discouraged if someone shoves your pet away. The responsibility is not on the person but on the nature of things. Don't force them to like what you like. Doing so may only cause public trouble and unnecessary attention from people. Be tactful and civil all the time.
  3. Ditch the latest 20-feet leash offering at the pet shop. Even though it will give you the happy thoughts of "fluffy" running around and enjoying its freedom, you won't like the outcome in the end. Giving it 20-feet independence will open up a chance for it to destroy your neighbor's yard landscape or you very own garden displays. Stick to the classic 6-feet leash; it provides ample freedom yet guarded condition every time.
  4. Not all people have the ability and desire to deal with dogs. If you are to visit a relative or friend with your pet, orient them on how pets are being treated. Provide them with knowledge and demonstrations of skills so they have an idea. It doesn't matter if they can't master, as long as they are oriented, things will go smoothly.
  5. Keep your dogs at home as much as possible. As a pet lover, you may consider them to be of equal importance as humans but the truth is, it isn't. Avoid bringing your pets to very public places so you avoid incidences of people fear and animal restriction issues. You never know what stores prohibit animals in their establishments; having to find a temporary spot for it will only add to your dilemma.

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