How to Educate Your Dog

How to Educate Your Dog

Puppies are like children, you have to teach them what is allowed and what is prohibited.

Dogs tend to bite everything, especially when they are alone and they get anxiety attacks, when they are bored and lacks satisfying activities. In the case of puppies the problem is more serious, because their teeth itch and they feel the need to recognize what is around them and they take everything to their mouths.

For this reason, it is necessary to set limits. To do this when you find him biting a shoe or any object that he should not touch, tell him that this shouldn't be done so harshly. Then you must remove the object and replace it with one of his toys, so that he wont get mad and play with it. When you do this, congratulate him warmly.

If despite this the wrong behavior persists, act as if you were his mother: grab him by the skin on the neck and shake him while gently telling him "no" seriously. Gradually he will understand that you did not like what he was doing and he will start to know the difference between what he can and can not bite.

For your dog to get used to being alone and not make disasters when you're not home it's a good idea to take him for a walk. This will make him tired and he will not have energy to break anything. Leave all his toys and food within reach, so when he is hungry or wants to play he can do so without having to bite your stuff. It's good to permeate all his toys with your smell, as always when choosing an object he will go for something that reminds him of his owner.

It is important not to leave at his reach temptations for his snout. Put the shoes and stockings away, closed the drawers, collects videotapes, books and any item of clothing. Besides your dog should not feel like you're going to leave him alone, so conduct yourself as if nothing is going to happen.

A good idea is that before the big test of leaving him alone is to slowly make him get use to the idea and make him feel comfortable in every room of the house. This way the emptiness in the house wont feel as strong. Lock him in each room for 5 minutes with his toys each day. If after this procedures he continues to show anxiety, act as his mother as I explained before.

If when you return home, you notice that he did not behave as he should of, you may be indifferent to him, until he gets use to your presence again and stops jumping and barking. Your indifference will make him understand that he did something improper. A punishment is not worth it, firstly because of the intimidation and secondly because it was not given at the moment in which he was misbehaving, so he is not going to relate it.

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