How to Maintain Your Maltese Dog

How to Maintain Your Maltese Dog

With the overwhelming options presented to us when we choose to purchase a full bred dog, we often neglect to take into consideration the amount of work it will take to maintain the health, happiness, and vitality of our furry friends. After recently purchasing a Maltese puppy, I quickly realized that the sheer amount of work on my part was severely underestimated. Although my family has come to love the ball of joy that prances the hallways of our home, she demands the maintenance of a queen and the attention of royalty.

Our new addition, appropriately named Duchess Zara Zoe Allmon requires daily care to maintain her show coat, dental hygiene, and overall appearance. It is of utmost importance that we take great care to preserve her aesthetics in an effort to place her best paw forward in the show ring. Throughout this article, I will entail the basics of Maltese maintenance and care and describe the daily responsibilities of dog ownership that you should be prepared to accept when you make your big purchase or sign for canine adoption.

In the morning, before work, it is necessary to thoroughly brush your Maltese's coat using your fingers so separate the hair into sections and utilizing a steady metal comb. Be sure to note that while most dogs have easy to care for fur, Maltese puppies have hair that is much more similar in composition to our own human hair. Thus, it will require all the basic hygiene steps that we put into our hair. Further, you will benefit significantly from the purchase of a good, sturdy brush that is of good quality. Do not skimp on the price, or your patience will end shortly as you continue your dog grooming routines.

Periodically, it is necessary to clean the tear stains that will accumulate on the tear duct of each of the dog's eyes. Maltese dogs are noted for their red tear production that leaves unsightly stains on the coat that are simply unacceptable for showing. You may find it helpful to ask a professional groomer to trim the hair around the eye to reduce the presence of such tear stains. If you feel comfortable that you could do this at home, I would recommend trimming the area about once every 1 to 2 weeks. Be sure to check that you maintain a consistent level of hair across the dogs face.

Finally, dental hygiene is of utmost importance to success of your Maltese dog in the show ring. The breed is susceptible to significant tooth decay, thus is necessary to maintain consistent hygiene routines both at home and at the vet's office. You may find it helpful to purchase a medium bristle toothbrush to use at least weekly to maintain your dog's healthy mouth. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian before using any chemicals in your dog's mouth (even toothpaste).

With careful care and continuing maintenance, you will have a beautiful Maltese dog that will shine in the ring!

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