How to Stop Dogs from Destroying Your House While You Are Gone

How to Stop Dogs from Destroying Your House While You Are Gone

Coming home to a house that has been damaged by dogs is a nightmare. Some will chew on wood furniture, while others are intent on destroying upholstered furnishings. Adult dogs have even been known to chew through doors and tear down drywall. It happens for a number of reasons. Some adult dogs become bored, and others resent being left home alone.

My first husband's brother had two adult Doberman dogs that literally destroyed his sofa. They ripped through the upholstery and shredded the foam cushions. His brother loved the dogs, and instead of getting rid of them he looked for ways to stop them from destroying the house while he was gone. The dogs were friendly and well behaved while he was home, but when he left for any length of time he was certain to come home to a mess. He had to find ways to solve the problem before they destroyed everything of value.

Cages are Not Cruel

Some people think that caging a dog is cruel, but if the cage is large enough, it is the ideal solution when the animal is destroying the house. The cage must be large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around comfortably, and it must include a source of water. Add a heavy ceramic bowl that will not tip over. Also, keep the dogs in separate cages. They need their own space, and they will consider the cage a den. I have used cages for my dogs, and they were happy and healthy. When the doors were left open they went in on their own. They used their private dens for napping and did not mind being confined when necessary.

Consider a Dog Run With a Comfortable Shelter

If adult dogs are destroying the inside of your home while you are gone, consider installing a secure outdoor dog run that includes comfortable shelters. The houses should be large enough for standing and turning, but they should not be too large for warmth. The article entitled Ways to Make a Doghouse Warmer provides valuable information on size, insulation and more. When properly designed it will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Dogs destroying the inside of your house while you are gone will no longer be an issue when they an adequate outdoor shelter.

Provide Dogs With Plenty of Exercise

No matter how you decide to contain and control your dogs while you are gone, it is important to provide them with plenty of exercise. When they do not get the exercise they need, they are more likely to vent their frustrations within the home. If possible, take them on a brisk walk before leaving home, and while you are gone they will be more likely to nap instead of looking for new ways of destroying your house.

Source: Personal Experience with Dogs and their Care

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