Should I Take My Dog to Work?

Should I Take My Dog to Work?

I love my dog. My dog is a beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever. Still a young pup, he weighs in at 35 pounds. The office that I work in allows us to bring our dogs to work on occasion. Many offices are dog friendly, but before you take our dogs to work, there are just a few factors you should consider.

How big is your dog? If your place of work is small and your dog is a big dog, taking your pet to work is probably not a good idea. If your dog will be in the way and hinder movement around your work space, it is probably best that you do plan an entire day of visiting at work. Big dogs take up a lot of space and have an amazing ability to knock things over with their tails. 35 pound Lab puppies are born with this ability, so I do speak from experience!

What is your dog's temperament? Is he or she an aggressive dog? If you have ever had an incident of any type of aggression, do not take your dog to your work place. If your dog threatens the safety of any co-worker or visitor, you will be held liable.

Ask around the work place. Is there anyone there that is allergic to dogs? You should also make sure there is no one there that is afraid of dogs. Just because we can't imagine anyone being afraid of our wonderful pet, there may be someone that is. If there is a co-worker that has a fear of dogs, perhaps short visits will help them in becoming used to each other. Consider also, that if you have customers entering your workplace, if they are afraid of dogs they probably won't be back.

Is your dog hyper? Do you have one of those dogs that just can't sit still; running back and forth, following you from room to room? Unless you are alone in your workspace, this may be an annoyance to your co-workers.

Jumpers; if you have a dog that jumps up on people to say hello, going to work with you is probably not a good idea.

The biggie is the barker. If your dog is a barker, you should not take it to work. If you share a workspace, entertain the public, or share a space with anyone who uses the phone during the day, a barker is not welcome.

Most of us love our pets and find comfort in them. Consider everything about your dog's personality and size before taking them to your place of work. While we don't want to leave our buddies home, it is ultimately the comfort of our co-worker or clients that must take precedence.

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