Strange and Unusual Dog Breeds

Strange and Unusual Dog Breeds

Dog breeds come in every size, shape, and color imaginable. Think you've seen 'em all? Take a look at this list of some of the most unique, unusual, and just plain weird dogs living in the world today.

This little terrier is probably an ancestor of the Brussels Griffon (the dog from "As Good as it Gets") but is even weirder looking. Affenpinschers are rare and chances are you have never seen this unusual breed, with their black fur and squashed in face. Their unusual looks have brought them the nickname of "Monkey Dog", and their short snout and exceptionally expressive face do make them look more primate than canine.

Komondor & Puli 
These two weird Hungarian dog breeds have one very unusual characteristic in common–their corded coats! Instead of growing long and fluffy, their fur shapes into long cords resembling a mop, but without maintenance and shaping from their owners it will look more like dreadlocks. The pluralization of these dogs' names is also unusual. Following Hungarian grammar, the plural of Komondor is Komondorok and the plural of Puli is Pulik. The Puli is a small, all purpose farm dog while the enormous Komondor is a sheep-guarding dog.

Chinese Shar Pei 
The Shar Pei is probably the best known on our list of weird dog breeds–but that doesn't make him any less unusual than the rest. Unlike most breeds, the Chinese Shar Pei has a black tongue. Even weirder, this dog's skin is in wrinkles! Originally a fighting and guard dog, the Shar Pei's wrinkles helped prevent other dogs from getting a good hold on him. Shar Pei means "sand-skin" and refers to the short, coarse quality of their fur. Today, their unusualness makes the Chinese Shar Pei a popular pet both here and in its native China.

As if the name weren't weird enough, this dog has no fur. That's right, the Xoloitzcuintli, also called the Mexican Hairless, has only a few sparse hairs on the top of its head, end of its tail, and its feet. The breed comes in toy, miniature, and standard varieties, weighing between 9 and 40 pounds. Care must be taken to keep this unique breed from extremes in weather as they are subject to getting cold easily and also to sunburn and heatstroke. These dogs are usually black, or a pinkish color with black patches.

Chinese Crested Dog 
This ancient and very weird breed resembles the Xoloitzcuintli in its hairlessness, except where that breed has only sparse hairs the Chinese Crested dog has big tufts. An odd fact about this breed is that it probably did not even originate in China. Although the origin of hairless dogs is unknown, they are definitely very ancient. Because of their unique looks and genial personality, Chinese Crested dogs are fast becoming popular pets. Also, they are often the winners of the World's Ugliest Dog Competition. Who can blame the judges? They're definitely one of the weirdest dog breeds around!

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