Summer Tips for Helping Reduce Dog Odor

Summer Tips for Helping Reduce Dog Odor

Dogs don't really perspire, do they? You have probably asked your veterinarian that exact question more than once. It seems like warm summer days bring out the worst in the odor management department where dogs are concerned. No, dogs don't perspire like humans do, however they do pant to help control their internal body temperature. Of course we all know, there is an odor associated with this overheating…something often referred to as Doggie B.O. (body odor).

Strangely enough, you might have two entirely different canine breeds in your home, and the odor from each one is almost exactly the same. Once the temperature rises above 80 degrees, you find yourself shuddering when you bring your dogs back inside because they smell really bad. The ideal situation would be to bathe your dog immediately and wash away the sweaty odor, but that is not practical when almost every day the temperature rises above 80 degrees. You simply don't have the time or the determination to wash your pet every single day. Listed below are three amazing ways to reduce the odor in a way that is safe and healthy for my dogs.

  1. Baby Powder – Have you ever noticed how most people comment on how wonderful a baby smells? Typically, that soft smelling aroma comes from your basic baby powder. If is is safe to use on a newborn baby, then a little powder on a stinky dog won't hurt him a bit. You can sprinkle a little baby powder on an old hand towel and thoroughly wipe your dogs with the towel. If your dog has a fairly dark coat, pat her down a few times to make sure there is no visible powdery residue. Also, be careful not to get any of the powder in your dog's eyes or ears because that could cause some unwanted agitation. Baby powder works like a charm on those pesky odors…mmmm…smells so good.
  2. Fabric Sheets – The method of using fabric sheets to freshen your dog's coat is so easy and convenient. Take a fabric sheet, like the kind you'd put in the dryer with your clothes, and brush your dogs vigorously with it. The funny thing is that they actually like it. The fabric sheet is thin and dry, so your dogs will hardly even notice what you're doing. Voila, no more odor!
  3. Dog Wipes – Most pet stores carry wipes that can be used for bathing a dog. These are quite effective at reducing the odor, and they are only slightly damp, so your dog will dry quickly. They come packaged just like baby wipes and can be pulled out one wipe at a time. They are very sturdy, so they don't rip or tear. Yes, they are quite effective at eliminating doggie body odor.

Hopefully these suggestions will prove to be valuable to you during these hot summer months when bathing just isn't a viable option.

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