The 5 Main Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

The 5 Main Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs. They come in many different breeds and sizes. Some are cute and small, while some are tough and large. Either way, they tend to make better pets than cats. Why? Read on.

1) Dogs are neater than cats

Yes, it's true. Though it may not seem like it at first with all their "accidents," think about it: cats do exactly the same thing and more. Cats tend to be hairy, and so they leave their hair pretty much wherever they go. Also, cats can jump higher, so not only do they leave their hair on the floor and couches, they can also leave it on your kitchen counter, dishes, shelves, etc. And the situation would be even worse if they had fleas on them, as they would be leaving off their fleas as well.

2) Dogs are better for your health

Though it might not seem so directly, in the long run, dogs can prove to be better for your health than cats. This is because dogs tend to require more physical attention from their owners. Dogs generally like playing fetch and going for walks. How often have you seen someone walking their cat? Not very often. Therefore, all the exercise that you will be performing with your dog will turn out to be good for the both of you.

3) Dogs are more obedient

No matter how hard you try to teach your cat commands or tricks, it most likely will not work. Dogs just tend to be better learners than cats when it comes to these things. Dogs can learn to come when called, sit, stay, and more. You can also teach your dog other fun tricks and commands besides the basics. Cats will most likely just stare at you if you try.

4) Dogs provide more safety

This is speaking generally. True, a larger dog will provide more physical safety than a smaller one if a burglar is trying to break into the house. However, all dogs have the capability of barking. So even a small dog will begin to bark if they hear or sense something strange going on, which will let you know of what's going on.

5) Dogs are more affectionate

Yes, cats will occasionally come to you and start purring and fall asleep. But that's about the limit to their affections. Dogs, on the other hand, show more affection. When they see you, they get quite happy, and start wagging their tails and prancing around. It can be quite warming knowing that you will have your dog waiting excitedly for you at home. Plus, dogs can sleep with you, too, so that action is not limited to cats.

So there are the main reasons why dogs are better than cats. I'm sure that there are several other reasons why as well. So next time, when deciding on whether to get a dog or a cat, you'll know the answer.

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