Tips for Naming Your Dog

Tips for Naming Your Dog

Naming your dog is as personal a choice as naming your child. The difference is that most people have their child's name chosen before the child is born. They are then accustomed to using the name and the child starts to fit the name. You should not try to name a pet in that fashion. Do not say, "I like the name Killer for a dog," and then go find a dog to fit that name. That is backwards when choosing a name for your dog.

Get the Dog before the Name

Acquire the dog first, and then choose a name that fits this particular dog. Study the dog for a while. Is he or she cute and cuddly? You'll want to come up with names that conjure up an image of cute and cuddly. Do not name the poor thing something that people will laugh at. You will be using this name for the dog's entire life. Show a little respect when choosing a name.

People name their dogs according to personality, looks, color, or as part of a generational continuance. If, for instance, you have bred the mother and father, you may decide to combine both of their names for the new puppy. Just make sure the name fit's the puppy's looks and personality.

Watch the dog's actions for a while. Maybe he is playful, inquisitive, or just plain clumsy? This could give you a whole list of names to choose from. For instance: My son once got a small white, long haired kitten. He didn't have it long until it ventured into a bowlful of chili and covered itself! You guessed it; he named the kitten "Chili." It seemed to fit perfectly and the kitten soon knew its name.

I have a beautiful long haired Shih Tzu. He came to live with me when he was 12 weeks old and was nothing more but a bundle of fur. His markings and coloration made him look just like the famous Gizmo from the Gremlins movie. The name was just there, as if chosen for us, and he became "Gizmo" right then and there. It fits perfectly.

Don't use a Guide, Use Instinct to Name a Dog

There is no true "guide" to naming your dog. It has to be a combination of your personality and the dog's personality. By your personality, I mean what type are you? You need to fit with the type dog you get, and the name you chose needs to be an expression of both of you. If you are more of the beer and barbeque type, you wouldn't give your dog a caviar and champagne type name.

The most important thing to remember when naming your dog is to choose a name that fits the dog, not a dog to fit the name. You may adore the name "Lady" and think just because you choose a female dog "Lady" will work just fine. You may find out that just because she is female, that sure doesn't make her a "Lady!"

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