What Toys Will Keep a Dog Busy?

What Toys Will Keep a Dog Busy?

When you think about it, dogs have pretty good taste when it comes to what they like to play with. They’re not into things that we humans consider fun — they don’t care much for golf or tennis balls but they do appreciate certain qualities in their toys.


Dogs want toys that are durable, safe, easy to clean (or wash), and most importantly, something they can destroy. It’s all part of the canine experience. And if you’ve ever been frustrated by a toy being chewed up beyond repair after just one play session, you know exactly what we mean. So, as summer kicks off, be sure to make room in your shopping cart for these five great options.


    Nylabone Dura Chew Powerpig Treat Ball ($12)


The Powerpig isn’t just cute; it also has an incredibly resilient shell made from nylon and polypropylene. Plus, those treats inside the piggy aren’t just for show; they actually help stimulate teeth grinding and chewing behavior. Finally, this durable ball doesn’t need batteries either. Just pick it up and toss!


    KONG Extreme Nite Guard Dog Toy ($10)


This soft chew toy is made out of a super strong material called Kordax, which is derived from recycled milk jugs. This means the toy won’t break easily, making it perfect for roughhousing sessions. You can even use it during training exercises because there are no sharp edges. Best of all, the KONG Extreme Nite Guard Dog Toy is available in multiple sizes so your pooch can enjoy hours upon hours of interactive playtime.


    ZIPPO Rompa – The Best Squeak Toys for Dogs ($8)


It might look small at first glance, but the ZIPPO Rompa makes quite a racket. There’s nothing like the satisfying squeal of a squeaky wheel to get your pup revved up and ready to run around and chase it. These wheels contain a special mechanism that allows them to move more freely, providing lots of action for your pet. Available in two different colors, black and white, this squeaker would make a great addition to any active household where pets are kept indoors.


    LaserToy Pulsar Laser Pointer with Motion Sensor ($40)


If you’re looking to extend your laser pointer game outside, this device is ideal. You’ll find it handy when playing frisbee, soccer, football, or even flag football. Its motion sensor ensures that the beam remains focused on the target, while its rechargeable battery provides continuous power. Your pet will love chasing the laser across the lawn, and best of all, the LaserToy Pulsar is relatively inexpensive compared to other similar products on the market.


    Osoyoos Fido Finder Indoor/Outdoor Pet Urine & Scat Detector ($120)


Your furry friend may bark at strangers or other animals, but they really shouldn’t pee on your house or dig holes in your yard. If you’ve got trouble with wild critters digging under fences or getting too close to your home, this detector will alert you via text message. You can then respond accordingly to deter further unwanted behaviors.


    Petcube Bites Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera ($199)


While many security cameras offer live streaming video, this model offers a unique feature: bite detection. So, whenever your pet chomps down on it, the camera sends a notification straight to your smartphone. With the free app, you can monitor your pet remotely, including sound, movement, temperature, and humidity. Better yet, you can record clips and save them on your phone.


According to Dr. Ian Brody, who works at the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center, “the majority of animals will play with anything.” That includes everything from plastic bags filled with water to cardboard boxes. We should take his advice seriously, considering how important our pets are to us.  Get all your dog toys a DoggieToys.Deals


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