YipYap Breath Fresheners for Dogs

YipYap Breath Fresheners for Dogs

Not too long ago my cousin gave me a tin of mints with just the cutest white fluffy dog on the cover of the tin. This tin of mints though were not for your truly though, she brought them for my dog.

You see, her dog absolutely refused to even chomp down on one YipYap Breath Fresheners For Dogs. Seeing how she spent $3.00 on them, she figured she may as well give them away to my dog. Maybe he'd like them.

My dog being just as finicky as her pooch, I highly doubted it. I wasn't about to not try and see if he'd like them though.

The YipYap Breath Fresheners For Dogs, are made with real liver, so I thought maybe, a fat chance in hell though… but maybe,just maybe he'd enjoy them. Besides his breath is stank. It was worth a try.

I opened the tin and took a look inside. Inside I found a bunch of oh so adorable dog bone shaped mini mints. I took a sniff. There was nothing minty about them, in fact they smelled like burnt wood. I had an even deeper feeling he was not going to dig these mints at all.

I took one mint bone out of the tin and tried getting him excited. He always gets himself all hyped up whenever I'm about to give him something, and with YipYap Breath Fresheners For Dogs, the reaction was no different. He was jumping up all thrilled to see what delicious treat Mommy had for him. As soon as I knew he had himself all worked up into a gleeful frenzy, I passed him the mint.

He took the mint quickly from me. As quickly as he took it from me, he also dropped it, and did the official 'sniff away'. He did not approve. It was a no go. In fact he was so disgusted by it, that when he went to sniff it for a second time, he actually sneezed. Whatever was in this stuff, he was acting like it was poisonous.

I scooped the mint up and threw it in the trash.

Now my Bull Terrier, he will eat just about anything, without so much a thought to it. If not watched carefully the mongrel will even eat his own feces. Well, it's safe to say our trash compactor indeed liked the mints. He swallowed them up without even chewing, which sort of defeats the whole breath freshener purpose.


Large dogs will swallow them up, and smaller more picky dogs will look at you like you are insane for feeding them such rubbish.

I can't highly recommend them simply because most likely most dogs will not eat them. Large dogs will eat them, but they instead of chewing, will swallow them.

If you still want to try them out, you can find them oddly located in the mint/candy section on your way out at any local grocery store. Weird placement, but I've seen them there before. They are pretty cheap, ranging from $2.00 to $3.00 per tin.

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